Christian Wirth (Privacy by Blockchain Design)
Privacy by Blockchain Design
On data privacy solutions for the disruptive and fastly growing blockchain ecosystem thus reducing the risk of heavy fines of EU supervisory bodies and mislead investments into innovative but legally non-compliant products.

Stiepan Aurélien Kovac (QRCrypto SA)
Towards Post-Quantum Secure Symmetric Cryptography: A Mathematical Perspective
An analysis of the symmetric algorithm eAES with regards to Grover’s search algorithm quantum computing resources.

Andy Jenkinson, (CyberSec Innovation Partners)
Full digital certificate and key discovery, management and automation.
Cryptographic certificates are the key to confidential and authenticated data transfer in all communication networks. Even in quite simple company networks we have thousands of active certificates. Expired certificates can lead to serious system outages, unauthorized certificates on forgotten but active connections can cause network vulnerabilities. The discovery of active certificates in networks is a difficult but necessary technical challenge. Whitethorn wants to talk about their product Whitethorn and the related work. Whitethorn – Advanced Digital Certificate Discovery and Management

Peter Nonnenmann, DHBW Karlsruhe
How to compute the security level of a chosen cryptosystem wrt. the Quantum Algebraic Attack
The Quantum Algebraic Attack is a an attack which applies to cryptosystems that can be reduced to a Boolean Multivariate Quadratic Equation System. For a sufficiently high security level, the related Macaulay matrix must have a large condition number /kappa. This talk outlines the challenges and potential solutions to derive /kappa for a chosen cryptosystem, in particular AES.

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