New Normaliz release

From the spp1489-gen mailing list:

We have uploaded Normaliz 2.11 and NmzIntegrate 1.2 to our web site

This version is a significant extension of Normaliz 2.10.1 with new features and several improvements in the algorithms:

  • Normaliz can now work with (unbounded) polyhedra and inhomogeneous systems of linear diophantine equations, inequalities and congruences (so far these had to be homogeneous)
  • This includes Ehrhart series for semi-open cones (also in NmzIntegrate)
  • The memory requirements of simplicial cones with huge determinants were undoubtedly a weak point so far. It has been improved in such a way that it now runs with an adequate amount of memory and much faster
  • The computation of support hyperplanes (dualization of cones) has been improved considerably
  • Performance of NmzIntegrate improved

Please switch to the new version.


Winfried Bruns
Bogdan Ichim
Tim Römer
Christof Söger

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